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PHPScriptsMarket is a Multi-Vendor Marketplace which allow everybody to buy and sell digital items.

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An innovative market where everyone can sell their items or buy and start their new business!


One Time Payment

You choose which of the prices to pay for the item, and you do it only once, except for the items that are offered for rent.


Quality Items

Each item is inspected by a qualified team so that you can have the best on the market and have no future problems with them.


100% Secure Paymentt

Payment is made only through payment systems established on the market and your payment data is completely protected.


Well Organized Code

Every item sold in our market is open source, organized so that you can edit it to your liking.


Life Time Free Update

Each author provides free updates of their own items to their clients.


Fast and Friendly Support

The authors as well as we are at your disposal to help you in any situation related to your purchase.

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Here you can sell your digital items and get a 80% commission on each of your sales.

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