VendorCode is a Multi-Vendor Marketplace where users can buy or sell Digital Items and Assets.

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Author Test Account: demouser - Password: 123456789Aa@

Buyer Test Account: demobuyer - Password: 123456789Aa@

Admin Panel:

Admin Account: admin - Password: admin

Main Features

  • Full Responsive Design (Perfect view on Desktops, Tablets and Smartphones)
  • SEO Optimizated
  • Friendly URL Addresses
  • Google reCaptcha v2 Integrated
  • Full Account Management
  • Items Management
  • Item Reviews Management
  • Item Comments Management
  • Latest Items Listing
  • Featured Items Listing
  • Promoted Items Listing
  • Most Selled Items Listing
  • Most Rated Items Listing
  • Top Authors Listing
  • Best Sellers Listing
  • All Authors Listing
  • Items by Category/SubCategory Listing
  • Community Forum
  • Blog Management
  • Deposit Management
  • Supported Automatic Deposit and Payment Methods: PayPal, AdvCash, Perfect Money, Payeer, Stripe, CoinPayments, CoinGate and any method can be added as manual
  • Withdrawal Management
  • Can be added any Withdrawal Method
  • Purchases & Downloads Management
  • User Personal Messages
  • User Personal Notifications
  • Email Notifications
  • Affiliate System
  • Statements Page
  • Account 2FA Security by Google Authenticator
  • When 2FA is enabled is required code when Login
  • When 2FA is enabled is required code when Withdraw
  • Author Tools
    • Customers List (Show to author every customer which are bought a item from him)
    • Purchase Checker (Checking a if user are buyed item by purchase code)
    • Promote Item (Author can promote item for additional payment for some period and his item will be shown of the top of all others)
    • Discount Codes (Author can create a discount codes with fixed discount amount or percentage)
    • Mass Mails (Author can create a email message to all his customers)
    • SMS Notifications (Author receive a SMS on his Mobile Number when got new sale)

Admin Features

  • Overall Statistics
  • Sales Statistics
  • Items Statistics
  • Admin Earnings Statistics
  • Admin Balance Management and Earnings History
  • Item Category and Sub Category Management
  • Custom fields based on Categories and Sub Categories
  • Items Management
  • Featured Items Management
  • Comments Management
  • Reviews Management
  • Discount Codes Management
  • Mass Mails Management
  • Promo Packages Management
  • Users Management
  • Messages Management
  • Purchases Management
  • Deposits Management
  • Withdrawals Management
  • Deposit Methods Management
  • Withdrawal Methods Management
  • Withdrawal Settings
  • Currency Settings
  • Profit Settings
  • Affiliate Settings
  • Licenses Settings
  • Upload Settings (Amazon S3 Storage or Local Storage)
  • SMS Settings (Supported Twilio and Vonage Gateways)
  • Google reCaptcha Settings
  • SMTP Settings
  • Web Settings
  • Forum Management (Categories and Posts)
  • Blog Management (Categories and Posts)
  • Custom Pages Management
  • FAQ Management (Categories and Posts

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