Refund Policy of "PHPScriptsMarket" registered as InterWeb LTD.

All products available in our marketplace are digital, which means that they cannot be recovered after your refund. Therefore, our marketplace refunds only if there is a problem with the product.

Possible reasons for which you will receive a refund:

- The product contains copyrighted content by another user of this or another marketplace.
- The product does not match the description entered on the product page.
- The product does not match the provided preview page.
- You do not receive help to fix a problem that arose on the part of the product or the author when creating it.
- You will not receive an answer from the author on your question within 48 to 96 hours.

Please use the messaging system provided by our marketplace so that our team can make a quicker decision on your case after informing us of your problem.
Attention: Chargebacks without notify us for this, will blockĀ  your account instantly
Please use contact form or send email directly to